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We began stargazing here on The Sunshine Coast in British Columbia in 2004.  At first with binoculars

and then with a small telescope we saw star clusters, the moons of Jupiter and even

distant galaxies.  We marveled at the Astro-photos published in magazines, and so recently

we began learning how to image. Our adventures in Astrophotography are recorded below.

The Crescent Moon

from Osoyoos 2006

at Jack Newton's

Astronomy Bed and Breakfast

The Pleiades Star Cluster

Also known as 'The Seven Sisters':

The seven sisters are: Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Asterope, Celaeno and Merope.

Their Mother is Pleione

Their Father is Atlas

(the two bright lower left stars) 

The Andromeda Galaxy - M31

and its two companion galaxies

M32 (left) and M110.

Ahh, what would life be like in this far off Galaxy?  Stick around and you'll find out! 

Our own Milky Way Galaxy is heading for Andromeda at 270,000 mph. We'll arrive in about 5 Billion years.

Mars in Taurus during

Total Lunar Eclipse

with Taurus (the 'V' shape)

to the right.  This was during

a Total Eclipse of The Moon at

Trail Bay, Sechelt

Meade 5" Refractor on

LXD75 GoTo Mount

This telescope was used to take

the Orion Nebula image, right >>>

The Orion Nebula - M42

A recent satellite survey found The Orion Nebula to be 10% closer (now 1300 light years) than first thought.  That means its stars are considerably less massive and hot than we thought!

The Astro-Cafe at Davis Bay,

Every 3rd Friday 8.30pm, Pier-17

Davis Bay Twighlight

6th September, 2008

Waiting for Venus.

Astro-Cafe at Davis Bay

May 2010

Sechelt, B.C.

Mars - February 2010

The Polar ice cap and dark

surface features can be seen.

This image was taken using an

8" Schmidt Cassegrain

The Whirlpool Galaxy - M51

Located just below the handle of

The Big Dipper.  Lord Rosse of Ireland

was the first to see the spiral structure

of The Whirlpool.  Later the term 'Island Universe' was used.  Very fitting!

Mt. Elphinstone

Gibsons, 2009

Dark Sky Observing

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