The Sunshine Coast Astronomy Club is choc full of interesting people with hidden talents - and some (we know who you are) with huge telescopes!

A great social network of Astronomers.  Lots of Celestron Personnel are part of the network and frequently post details and pics of trade shows and star parties from across the states and Canada.

What's it really like on the Lunar Surface and what's so fascinating about looking through a scope?

Why not journey out to 'The Ninth Planet' and take a look for yourself ...

Who say's there's no NinthPlanet?

Anacortes Gallery

This is a great site for browsing the latest astro-images captured from around the  world.

If its cloudy where you are, you can bet someone in Arizona or Italy captured the big event and uploaded it for you to see.


Please have a friend hold on to your credit card before you browse this site!  Otherwise you may find yourself needing a bigger garage to hold all your new equipment.

Jack Newton

Mmm? Lets get this straight - the world's leading astro-photographer and you get to stay over at his house, drive the giant telescope and come home with the pics you took!

Any questions?

Moon Atlas

Great for finding out what interesting features to look for on the lunar surface.


This forum is pretty interesting for the advisors.  The advisors are featured in the changing images at the top left of the page.  Click on one of them and read the personal profile.  A lot of good information there.

International Dark Skies

It's obvious that Global Warming and the disappearance of Dark Skies are linked.  If we all talk in terms of energy savings perceptions of the dark sky issue might change..

What Telesope To Buy

I've always instinctively known the answer to this question.  The best telesope for me is the one that is priced just beyond my reach!