Debra's interest in astro-imaging began after seeing Ed's impressive slide show 'Visions Of The Night Sky'.  Debra has designed and presented, to rave reviews, two of her own shows - 'The Planet Walk' and 'A Trip Through The Constellations' at the past three 'Astronomy In The Park' events with the SCAC.

November 2007

Galactic Cluster in Auriga

Cascade - 2007

Orion 100mm Refractor

Canon Rebel DSLR at Prime

August 28th, 2007

The Moon during totality reflects the red/orange

light refracted by the Earths atmosphere

12th August, 2007 - West Sechelt 

Cassiopeia/Milky Way

Canon Digital Rebel on Tripod -

181" - ISO 1600

13th August, 2007 - West Sechelt

Jupiter & Antares -

Canon Digital Rebel on Tripod.

41"  - ISO 400

August 28th, 2007

Dawn at Trail Bay, following the Total Lunar


Trail Bay - 2006

Venus (the crescent moon was hiding in the low clouds) just after sunset.

Images Copyright © Debra MacWilliam