Halfmoon Bay, 26th September 2009.  Harry Klassen brought the 14" Compustar up to Dan's place and set up

in the driveway.  Dan invited everyone up to enjoy some Solar Observing during the day and then later some night sky

exploring.  Also pointed skyward were Dan's 13" Dob, 5" Refractor, 3 inch Refractor and my 8" SCT.  Harry asked if I would like

to try taking a few astrophotos with the Compustar 14" and so we jury rigged the Canon 300D (all my fittings were too small

for the 4" focuser on Harry's scope) to the focusing assembly.  It would normally take half a dozen outtings to get some decent photos with a new scope camera combination, but we managed to pull down a few good shots first time out.  The Compustar's tracking and GoTo's were amazing - no gear noise at all just a short sharp electric blip as it hit the targets.

With almost a 4 metre focal length and no guiding, anything over 15 seconds would have been considered good tracking.  In fact one shot was over 3 minutes without trailing - and on an Alt-Azimuth fork mount - Amazing.

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