James' interest in Astronomy began in Scotland. In 2000 he saw a bright meteor travel across the summer sky in broad daylight.  After reporting it to Greenwich Observatory he learned it had been seen the length of Britain. 

Since beginning Astrophotography in 2006, James has presented an astro image show

to the public at Astronomy In The Park 2008, had two Sky News Pictures Of The Week (#323, 331),

presented to The Sunshine Coast Astronomy Club on 5 occasions

and produced Stargazing 2009 - a multi-media astronomy show featured on Coast Cable TV.

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Celestron 9.25 SCT

Jupiter with interesting

moon positions

Jupiter with Moons

Seeing was very poor and visually

there was little detail

The Celestron 9.25 with Orion Dew Strip

to reduce fogging on the corrector plate

Observing Orion through the light explosion

from street lighting

Checking the collimation on a defocused star


Registax 6.0 is producing

some strange artifacts when

processing avi


M42 - The Orion Nebula

60 sec exposures

Nikon D5000

M42 - The Orion Nebula

alternate processing

60 sec exposures

Nikon D5000

The HorseHead Nebula - B33


60 sec exposures

Nikon D5000

The HorseHead Nebula - B33


60 sec exposures

Nikon D5000

The Andromeda Galaxy - M31 with M32 and M110

Also notice NGC206 star cloud (bottom left)

60 second exposures unguided

Nikon D5000

The Pleiades Star Cluster - M45

60 sec exposures unguided

Nikon D5000

The Whirlpool Galaxy - M51

8" SCT at F/6.3 60 sec exposures

Celestron ASGT5

Nikon D5000

The Helix Nebula

45 sec exposures - 8" SCT

Lost many frames to wind and

the scope was pointing not far

above the horizon for this one.

Nikon D5000

ISO 6400

M81 - June 2010

8" SCT at F/6.3

45 Sec exposures

Nikon D5000

M81 - June 2010

This is the image at left

reprocessed to bring out more

colour and reduce noise

14th August, 2007 - West Sechelt

All Points To North

The Orion Nebula - West Sechelt 2007

The Andromeda Galaxy with Companion Galaxies M32 (above), and M110 (below)

Comet Holmes - Nov 1st, 2007

Aurora at Shirley Macey Park - Gibsons 2005

The Crescent Moon - Osoyoos 2006

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