You don't need a camera to record what you see through a telescope.

For centuries the fathers of Astronomy recorded their observations by

drawing and noting what they saw.  Some of their drawings had exquisite

detail, and others were rough sketches to simply record the observation.

The RASC offers several certificates for members who study and record their

observations of the sky with drawings.

12th March, 2009 - Davis Bay

Orion - Saturn - M81,M82 -

The Starbus

6th February, 2009 - West Sechelt

Aristarchus - Phocylides - Schiller

Aristarchus - Top

Phocylides Shadow

A video capture of the shadow

on Phocylides with Schikard on

the right

17th January, 2009 - West Sechelt

Polar Scope - M1 - Orion

8th January, 2009 - West Sechelt

Orion - Trapezium - Artistarchus

Debra's Logs

13th May, 2006

Jupiter - Coat Hanger

Date Unknown

Transit of Io (Jupiter)

8th April, 2005

Transit of Io (Jupiter)

7th August, 2004

Sagittarius - Scorpius


21st april, 2004

Venus - Moon

9th April, 2005


Images Copyright © James and Debra MacWilliam