These images were shot mainly in Sechelt and Gibsons.

Kinnikinnik Park and Shirley Macey Park are two of the local dark sky sites remaining.

The Milky Way is also still visible from The Beach in Roberts Creek.

The Moon

Taken from Osoyoos in 2006 during our Astro-tutorial with Jack Newton.

This was fantasy astronomy ...

Jack Newton saw we had the Canon Rebel with us, so he promptly strapped our camera onto the Meade 7" Apocromatic Refractor and asked me to steer the sope onto the Moon!  Then we fired off a series of different exposures as he guided us like astro-cadets.

See the Links page for a link to Jack's Observatory B&B.

The Moon

Roberts Creek Beach - Nov, 2006

The Moon was almost overhead, it was 4 degrees C and I found myself lying on my back in the sand in order to get The Moon lined up ....  Not your average outing to the beach!

I think this was our first shot using the Canon DSLR at prime focus.

Sea Of Crises

This is a crop of image one above.  I don't know whether the clear Osoyoos air, or the 7" Apo Refractor was responsible for retaining so much detail in the enlargement.


West Sechelt - 2007

This was taken from the front lawn, complete with blazing victorian style street light drowning me out.

The little Orion 100mm Refractor is so versatile

I decide to try using the LPI imager despite having no drive.  It worked just fine, except that you only get about 20 seconds to get onto the target, make your settings start/end your imaging run, before the target is gone.  Still that's enough.  I did make the mistake of saving only the stacked frames, and a few were ruined by the last couple in the sequence being blurred. Next time I will save all images and throw out the bad ones.

The Moon & pi Scorpius

West Sechelt - 2006

Yes, look carefully, there is a star about 1/8th degree

East of The Moon.

Clavius - Tycho 

Kinnikinnik Park - 2005

Our first imaging run with the Lunar Planetary Imager.

The moon was low over the trees so we ran off a

series of images before it set.

The Bay Of Rainbows and Plato

Kinnikinnik Park - 2005

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