I was under the stars on the driveway New Year's Eve. I had dragged myself off my sick bed (sick couch, actually) as I wanted to try out my new tripod accessory (??) and capture some images under the clear skies.  Later when I checked my frames of M42, I had a Satellite passing right through it. Strangely this is not the first time I've had this - actually its the third. Must be busy out in space.

I wanted to capture a few images of different objects to see what exposure times would be like at F/4.

Click for Animated Gif of Satellite passing through Orion


Just in from reprocessing - Andromeda and The Pleiades

M45 The Pleiades was overhead - these are 60 second subs

1. stack of 9 frames in DSS                                                          2. Stretched in Neb2

1. Red Xmas light washed out the HH images          2. Levels in PS pulled out a glimmer of The Horse

1.  Some more colour correction in Neb2               2. After subtracting a gradient mask in PS

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