Robin Simpson's Astrophotos

Andromeda, 12 x 3 min at iso1600,

Canon T1i, Nebulosity2,

September 9, 2010

M33, 14 3 minute exposures at iso 1600,

stacked and processed with nebulosity2

M27 - The Dumbell Nebula

August 8, at 9:41. Mars Saturn and Venus.

> Canon T1i, 113mm, f/4 2.5 sec.  I think that the star 1/3 of the way from

> Mars to Saturn is Zaniah (Virgo's chin), if so, the faint star in the

> upper right would be Zavijava?

> Cheers,

> Robin

Mercury Venus & Moon

Robin took this photo from his kitchen door of Mercury, Venus and a 40 hour old Moon.

Images copyright © Robin Simpson