Thanks to everyone who came out to support club observing Friday and Saturday evening, March 5th and 6th.

We met Friday evening at Davis Bay where we had Debra, James, Dan, George, Ed, Robin, Marj, Maria and Jordan (visitors), Kelly and Riley (visitors), Doug (visitor).  The skies stayed brilliantly clear and we had good views of Mars and Saturn, the latter with several moons in attendance.

Saturday night was the realm of the Deep Sky with observing at Shirley Macey Park in Gibsons.

We had Neil, Ed, Mike, Debra and James.  We had an assortment of scopes and enjoyed dark clear skies.

Neil kindly allowed all to enjoy the views through the legendary Ethos and we all marveled at the razor sharp views of Saturn.

We were able to see many denizens of the deep sky including The Sombrero Galaxy and an Icon of the Deep Sky NGC4565 in Coma,

See you at the next observing session - check your email especially at the weekends for calls to observe.

Remember to dress very warmly - ski pants are a great option - tea and doughnuts too!

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