Solar Observing with Explore Scientific 152mm Refractor

With Thousand Oaks Type +2 Glass Solar Filter

The Sun - August 27th 2011

Observing with The Thousand Oaks Glass Type +2 Solar Filter

The Sun

28th August, 2011

E.S. 152mm Refractor

Baader Astro Film

Baader Solar-Film

Without doubt the Baader Solar Film showed a higher resolution.

I observed with the Baader Film for half an hour.

I isolated a sunspot that had 2 large components and a 3rd very small component.

When I swapped to the glass filter I could not see this 3rd very small component at all.

However the film is very flimsy and it would be easy not to notice a fresh tear or pinholes.

The glass seems safer to me - but losing resolution is not acceptable.

I have ordered The Lunt Herschel Wedge

The Sun

with Baader Astro-Film

30th August, 2011

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