Sean Connery discusses how to control

Celestron's CG5 Advanced GT Mount

with Stellarium.

Sean advises where to find the necessary Software:

1. The ASCOM Platform

2. The ASCOM drivers for Celestron Telescopes

3. Stellarium-Scope (from

Time Lapse Covering 15 Minutes Of The Whirlpool Galaxy on June 15th, 2010.

Using a Nikon D5000 and Celestron 8" SCT. In 'Real Time' each still is a 30 second exposure

with a 12 second gap between them. The final image was stacked in 'Deep Sky Stacker'

The Andromeda Galaxy - Time lapse sequence of 33 frames (45s exposures)

August 16th, 2010, using a Nikon D5000, Celestron C8 and ASGT Mount.

The Sun and a large sunspot which appeared in the South West quarter.

A Celestron 8 inch Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope with full aperture Astrozap

while light solar filter and a Nikon D5000 in video mode.

The D5000 took one image every minute for 30 minutes. I left the camera to do its thing while

I got on with some stargazing. These shots were all at ISO3200.

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